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Faith Builders for Victorious Living - Decree Your Victory 

365 Day Devotional

Faith Builders for Victorious Living-Decree Your Victory, 365 Day Devotional is a tool to equip you to decree your desired future into existence with the power of God's Word. It will help you build your faith to walk in victory in many areas of your life. Meditating on and decreeing God's Word over your life will build your faith and renew your mind to think like God. Lucia M. Claborn selected many of her favorite Bible verses on various topics affecting your everyday, walking around life. She uses multiple Bible translations coupled with faith decrees to build your faith to receive God's promises. As you read this book, you will soon realize as a child of God, you have covenant rights and privileges with Jesus, which enables you to have a manifestation of what you are decreeing. By taking God's Word, which is a seed, and planting it in your heart, which is the soil, and mixing it with your faith, it will produce a harvest of God's goodness and victory in your life. You can live your life in complete health and healing, abundant prosperity, soundness of mind, peace in your heart, victory, and much more if you will decree these blessings over your life.

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Your Victory in the Making_Lucia Claborn.jpg

Your Victory in the Making

by Lucia Claborn

ABC's of Who I Am Journal -Decreeing who God says I am Hardcover.jpg

ABC's of Who I Am Journal -

Decreeing Who God Says I Am

by Lucia M Claborn and Donna L Ammons

En Visperas De Tu Victoria_Your Victory in the Making_Lucia Claborn.jpg

En Visperas De Tu Victoria

by Lucia M Claborn, Ana E Gaeta, et al.

Your Power & Authority in the Making_Lucia Claborn.jpg

Your Power & Authority In The Making

by M Claborn, Lucia

ABC's of Who I Am_Diary_Lucia Claborn.jpg

ABC's of Who I Am

by Lucia M Claborn and Donna L Ammons

English Collection - Signed with a Special Message from Lucia