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Walk into Victorious Living

Are you ready to change your Mindset for Victorious Living?!!
Yes! You ARE ready to make the change!
God has more for you, and He is ready to help you go to the next level in your faith as you walk with Him.

Now is the time to invest in yourself to grow spiritually!
The Mindset for Victorious Living set is a powerhouse audio and video set to add value to your life and build your faith to set your mind to walk in a greater level of victory every day of their life!

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You'll receive powerful messages from men and women of faith who will guide you through these teachings that will help to increase your faith and have a mindset for Victorious Living.

The media set includes 20 audios and 20 videos for only $89.

Course Curriculum


Session 1: Think Big, Expect Big to Walk into Victorious Living

Session 2: Your Metamorfoo

Session 3: Know Who You Are

Session 4: Your Day of Independence

Session 5: Declare and Decree a Thing

Session 6: Faith Works By Love

Session 7: Persevere & Stay Faithful

Session 8: Pray and Remain Faithful

Session 9: Miracle Healing Testimony

Session 10: Move the Mountain

Session 11: Set Your Hope on Jesus

Session 12: Prosperity Mindset

Session 13: Overcoming Grief

Session 14: Finding Clarity to Walk into Victory

Session 15: Who Is With You In The Storm

Session 16: Having the Right Perspective

Session 17: Having the Right Mindset for Victorious Living

Session 18: Is It Scriptural to Have a Home Business

Session 19: Faith to Prophesy

Session 20: Victory Testimonies

Change Your Future Today

Get the course that teaches you how to have a Mindset for Victorious Living.

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