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ABCs of Who I Am
Faith Decrees of Who God Says You are According to His Word.

Get your copy now to become a faith powerhouse and enforce Satan’s defeat in your life today!!

Victory begins by taking the first step to equip and empower yourself to build your faith to know who God says you are. The ABC’s Of Who I Am not only tells you who God says you are, it also tells you what you have as a child of God. 

This invaluable resource will equip and empower you to know your true identity according to God’s design so you can recognize the lies of the enemy when he whispers in your ear.


The ABC’s of Who I Am is a powerful weapon that you can use against Satan to defeat the lies he is telling you about yourself.
This book will help you unlock the power of your words to bring revelation of who you are and create the future ‘you’ your heart desires.

You have many choices in life, but the most important choice is to choose life and speak life! The best way to do that is by filling your mouth with God’s Word and saying what He says about you. We encourage you to get your copy now!

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