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What's Your Why?

A Look at Our Mission Trips to India and Faces We Love

The group of older ladies and the man are widows who have completed tailor school and are receiving their sewing machines. (The significance of this picture is that I was blessed to be able to sow seed to purchase several sewing machines for these widows to help change their lives so they could be self-sufficient and productive in their communities again.)

Why I Do What I Do

True spirituality (true ministry) that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, (the fatherless) and widows in their troubles... James 1:27, TPT


God is blessing me with opportunities to share His goodness and loving-kindness in person and through various platforms around the world. 


The people and places that have left a lasting impression in my heart are the faces of the children and widows in India and Africa. God has given me the desire to make a greater impact for Him in their lives.


I was filled with compassion when I saw the smiling faces of the children in India as we went to their children's home. They were so excited we came to see them. 


Although they did not have the most desirable living conditions, they were so grateful to have a safe place to live, food to eat, and people that loved them. While I held a child in my arms and prayed for their healing, my heart was moved with compassion to help these children, and others in similar situations. 


Another situation in India that moves my heart with compassion is one woman's heart giving hope to women who have become widowed by the death of their husbands.

Before attending tailor school, these women are considered outcasts and they have no way of providing for themselves and their families. A simple sewing machine in the hands of a widowed woman changes her future as well as her community. 


My heart's desire is to bring the light of hope to His orphaned children and widows in desperate situations so the realms of darkness can be defeated. 


When you connect with me, you are connecting with Kingdom purpose. When you purchase my products and services, a percentage of the profits goes directly to ministries with children's homes and those who support the care and advancement of widows.


Thank you in advance for helping me spread the love and hope of God to those who need it the most.

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