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Favor of God

I’m the righteousness of God, in the Name of Jesus!  Therefore, I’m entitled to covenant kindness and covenant favor.  The Favor of God is among the righteous. The Favor of God surrounds the righteous; therefore, it surrounds me everywhere I go and in everything I do. I expect the Favor of God to be in full manifestation in my life.

Never again will I be without the Favor of God. It rests richly upon me. It profusely abounds in me. I am a part of the generation that is experiencing God’s favor immeasurably, limitlessly, and surpassingly. Therefore, Favor produces supernatural increase, promotion, restoration, honor, increased assets, greater victories, recognition, prominence, preferential treatment, petitions granted, policies and rules changed, and battles won in which I do not have to fight.

The Favor of God is on me and goes before me; therefore, my life will never be the same. This is the time of God’s Favor in my life. Today I experience the maximum Favor of God in my life!

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