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The Lord is gracious. He is the giver of grace and is the God of all grace. His throne is the throne of Grace. The prophets of old prophesied of the grace that should come onto us. This grace came by Jesus. He was full of grace and it is from His fullness that we receive one grace after another. The grace of God was upon Him. He preached grace; gracious words proceeded out of His mouth. It was by grace that He tasted death for every man. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Grace. Our message is called “The Gospel of the Grace of God” and “The Word of His Grace.”


Grace can be seen and perceived. Grace brings salvation to us. It is through the grace of God that we believe. We are saved by grace. We are justified freely by His grace. We are called by grace into grace. It is grace we are under and it is grace wherein we stand. We are partakers of His grace. Grace teaches us to resist ungodliness and live righteously. Grace establishes our hearts. Grace builds us up and gives us an inheritance. Grace gives us an everlasting consolation and good hope. Grace helps us in the time of need. The grace of God is sufficient to put us over in all life’s difficulties. Grace causes us to reign in life. Grace enables us to serve God acceptably and preach the unsearchable riches of Christ. Our words can minister grace to others. We are to sing with grace in our hearts and our words are to be seasoned with grace. Grace makes us what we are as it works in us and through us. It is the grace of God that has made us rich and supplies all our need. Grace is given to every believer. Grace causes us to be enriched by Him in all utterance and in all knowledge.


An individual can come short of grace, receive grace in vain, fall from grace, and frustrate the grace of God. The grace of God can be abused as an opportunity for immorality. An individual can do despite unto the spirit of grace. 


We are told to grow in grace, to be strong in grace, to continue in grace and abound in grace.


The Word speaks of great grace, the abundance of grace, the grace of life, the dispensation of grace, His exceeding grace, the glory of His grace, the riches of His grace, the gift of His grace, the manifold grace of God, the true grace of God, and the election of His grace.

God gives more grace to the humble and to the sincere. Grace is multiplied unto us through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. Grace is always obtainable in any and every situation by coming boldly to His throne!

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