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If you want to change your world, change what you are speaking and decreeing over your life. The "I Am" faith decrees in the ABC's of Who I Am, Decreeing Who God Says I Am will help you grow your faith to improve your mindset about how you see yourself so you can live a victorious life. You will begin to see yourself through God's eyes as He sees you through His written Word.


As you decree who God says you are according to His Word, His promises will produce a harvest in your life, bringing forth the fullness and richness of eternal life while you are here on the earth. God's Word not only describes a glorious future for you by describing who you are, it is God's appointed means to create the future you want for you and your family.


As you decree God's Word over your life it will not return to you void, but it will accomplish what you send it out to do. You will receive a greater revelation of who you are which will produce a great reward in your life.

ABC's of Who I Am

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