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What a wonderful way to bless someone you care about this Christmas! You can gift the entire bundle or spread these faith-building goodies to several people. Makes a great contribution to anyone's library who wants to build their faith. 

Included are: 
- ABC's of Who I Am
- ABC's of Who I Am Journal - Decreeing Who God Says I Am

- Faith Builders For Victorious Living - Decree Your Victory: 365 Day Devotional
- Your Power & Authority In The Making
- Your Victory in the Making 


ABC's of Who I Am
If you want to change your world, change what you are speaking and decreeing over your life. The "I Am" faith decrees in the ABC's of Who I Am, Decreeing Who God Says I Am will help you grow your faith to improve your mindset about how you see yourself so you can live a victorious life. You will begin to see yourself through God's eyes as He sees you through His written Word.


As you decree who God says you are according to His Word, His promises will produce a harvest in your life, bringing forth the fullness and richness of eternal life while you are here on the earth. God's Word not only describes a glorious future for you by describing who you are, it is God's appointed means to create the future you want for you and your family.


As you decree God's Word over your life it will not return to you void, but it will accomplish what you send it out to do. You will receive a greater revelation of who you are which will produce a great reward in your life.


ABC's of Who I Am Journal - Decreeing Who God Says I Am
Do you ever wonder if God thinks about you, and if He does, what are the thoughts He considers for you? What does He call you? How does He see you? These are questions I asked myself when I didn't know God. I wondered if He even knew me and the things I was going through, had gone through, or when I was contemplating why I was here! The more I got to know God through His Word, the more I wanted to know what He calls His children. I went on a search through the Bible to discover how He sees His children and what He calls us as a loving Father.


God's love for me was so overwhelming because I had never experienced this type of unconditional love before. Through my relationship with Papa God and His Word, I learned I was loved, unique, and special. He made me that way! He made you that way! The verses in this book will tell you who you are and what you have from A to Z. This is not an all-inclusive list; however, these verses will confirm God's love for you and who He calls you to be. As you work through the pages and answer the questions, the benefits of knowing who you are according to God's Word will help you gain a better understanding of how much He loves you and how special you are to Him. When you speak God's Word over yourself, your spouse, and your children, it is as if God Himself is speaking it over you. Isaiah 55:11 says, "So also will be the word that I speak; it does not return to me unfulfilled. My word performs my purpose and fulfills the mission I sent it out to accomplish."


Faith Builders For Victorious Living - Decree Your Victory: 365 Day Devotional
Faith Builders for Victorious Living-Decree Your Victory, 365 Day Devotional is a tool to equip you to decree your desired future into existence with the power of God's Word. It will help you build your faith to walk in victory in many areas of your life. Meditating on and decreeing God's Word over your life will build your faith and renew your mind to think like God. Lucia M. Claborn selected many of her favorite Bible verses on various topics affecting your everyday, walking around life. She uses multiple Bible translations coupled with faith decrees to build your faith to receive God's promises. As you read this book, you will soon realize as a child of God, you have covenant rights and privileges with Jesus, which enables you to have a manifestation of what you are decreeing. Taking God's Word, which is a seed, and planting it in your heart, which is the soil, and mixing it with your faith will produce a harvest of God's goodness and victory in your life. You can live your life in complete health and healing, abundant prosperity, soundness of mind, peace in your heart, victory, and much more if you will decree these blessings over your life.


Your Power & Authority In The Making
In Your Power & Authority In The Making - A 30 Day Devotional Lucia M. Claborn encourages you as she shares 30 of her favorite "Power & Authority" Bible verses to build your faith so you can enforce Satan's defeat and walk in your God-given power and authority every day of your life. As God's child, you have the same power and authority available to you that Jesus walked in during His earthly ministry. Now that you are raised and seated with Jesus in Heavenly places in the place of authority at the right hand of Father God, you have full access to His power and authority as a part of your Covenant rights. As you read through the pages, meditate on each message, pray the prayers, and activate the powerful scriptures in your life, you will realize that you no longer have to live your life being beat up by Satan and his demons. God created you to live in victory today. You will gain the confidence to unlock the victor within you so you can rise to the next level of power and authority in your life.

Your Victory in the Making 
God created you in His image and He has a wonderful plan for you. This plan includes enforcing Satan's defeat and walking in victory every day of your life. Victory is not something you are striving to achieve, you already possess victory. As a child of God, you are everything that Jesus is. Since He is seated in the place of victory at the right hand of Father God, far above all powers and principalities, and wickedness in high places, that is where you are seated also. Although you are seated in the place of victory, victory does not just automatically happen. You must build your faith with the Word of God to receive everything Jesus has already paid the price for you to enjoy while you are here on earth. If you want to be a victorious champion, I encourage you to read through the pages of this devotional and linger with Holy Spirit to allow Him to reveal God's heart for you and the love He has for you. Don't rush through the pages. To build your faith to walk in victory, read each scripture out loud and imagine God is speaking directly to you. Add your name to the verse to make it personal as you read it. Allow Holy Spirit to affirm to you that God created you to live victoriously. Let Him guide you into victory in every area of your life. Meditate the scriptures, mull them over in your mind, answer the questions with new revelations from Father God so you can go to the next level of victory.

Christmas Bundle

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