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Spiritual  Life Check-Up

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The Mountain Holding You Back In Life Can Be Removed!

Your Breakthrough Is A Conversation Away!

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Your check-up identifies your mountain!

Is your pain level, discouragement or hopelessness keeping you from overcoming so you can live victoriously? 
I recognize these emotions. My husband and I lost our home to foreclosure and our only vehicle to repossession. Today we are totally restored. I will help you build your faith to know it is God's will for you to live in victory!

Check-up your faith walk, your health or finances!

Are you being tormented by pain in your body and lack in your pocketbook? 
I have been there and now I know the keys to Divine health and prosperity because I use my faith to receive God's promises. I will help you understand it is God's plan for you to be healthy and prosperous.

Your check-up will get results!

Can you imagine living a life without worry, doubt, fear and unbelief? 
I once lived a defeated life plagued with this state of mind; however, now I have powerhouse faith to get results for myself and others! You will realize you are enough and you have faith to receive your breakthrough.

Session includes: 

A one-hour session to identify the mountain in your life plus a time of intimate prayer. 

Session audio recording and victory plan. 


Purchase Your Spiritual Check-up Session

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