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Hearing The Voice of God

God created you for His pleasure and He desires to have intimate conversations with you. Learn how to position yourself to hear God's voice; recognize His voice; hear His voice more clearly through journaling; and how to be led by His Spirit.

Have you ever asked yourself...

"Is this You, God, or is this just my voice I keep hearing?"

"What if I knew the right choices before I make a decision that could cause me frustration, discouragement, or a setback?"

"How can I be empowered to regain control of my life or business by hearing God's voice?"

Are You Ready to Hear God's Voice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the course you have been looking for! It will teach you how to recognize and hear God's voice so you can replace doubt and confusion about your next decision with confidence and certainty.

Let's Get Started

If you are ready to hear God’s voice to step into victory or take your business to the next level, click the Get Started Now button below. God has your answer. He is waiting for you to tune in to His frequency so you can hear His voice!

Course Curriculum

1. Welcome to the Course!

A Message from the Instructors

How to use this course

2. Position Yourself to Hear God's Voice

Get Into Position to Hear God's Voice

3. How to Recognize God's Voice

You Can Recognize God's Voice

4. Journaling to Hear God's Voice

Hear God's Voice Through Journaling

5. How to Be Led By The Spirit Of God

How To Be Led by The Spirit of God

Bonus Items

How To Hear the Voice of God

Feelings, Opinions and Assumptions - 6 Habits That Sabotage How You Communicate

How to Hear the Voice of God: Part 1

How to Hear the Voice of God: Part 2

Change Your Future Today

Get the course that teaches you How to Hear God's Voice.

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