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In Your Power & Authority In The Making - A 30 Day Devotional Lucia M. Claborn encourages you as she shares 30 of her favorite "Power & Authority" Bible verses to build your faith so you can enforce Satan's defeat and walk in your God-given power and authority every day of your life. As God's child, you have the same power and authority available to you that Jesus walked in during His earthly ministry. Now that you are raised and seated with Jesus in Heavenly places in the place of authority at the right hand of Father God, you have full access to His power and authority as a part of your Covenant rights. As you read through the pages, meditate on each message, pray the prayers, and activate the powerful scriptures in your life, you will realize that you no longer have to live your life being beat up by Satan and his demons. God created you to live in victory today. You will gain the confidence to unlock the victor within you so you can rise to the next level of power and authority in your life.

Your Power & Authority In The Making

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