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God created you in His image and He has a wonderful plan for you. This plan includes enforcing Satan's defeat and walking in victory every day of your life.
 Victory is not something you are striving to achieve, you already possess victory. As a child of God, you are everything that Jesus is. Since He is seated in the place of victory at the right hand of Father God, far above all powers and principalities, and wickedness in high places, that is where you are seated also. Although you are seated in the place of victory, victory does not just automatically happen. You must build your faith with the Word of God to receive everything Jesus has already paid the price for you to enjoy while you are here on earth. 
If you want to be a victorious champion, I encourage you to read through the pages of this devotional and linger with Holy Spirit to allow Him to reveal God's heart for you and the love He has for you. Don't rush through the pages.


To build your faith to walk in victory, read each scripture out loud and imagine God is speaking directly to you. Add your name to the verse to make it personal as you read it. Allow Holy Spirit to affirm to you that God created you to live victoriously. Let Him guide you into victory in every area of your life. Meditate the scriptures, mull them over in your mind, answer the questions with new revelations from Father God so you can go to the next level of victory.

Your Victory in the Making Paperback – September 14, 2021

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